About Us

At Chadam Consultants we're proud to introduce ourselves to the packaging industry. We offer our customers a wide variety of products including new, used, and custom-built equipment. We work with reputable companies in the packaging field specializing in bottle handling, filling, capping, induction sealing, labeling, case packing, pallet stretch machinery, and monoblock systems. In cases where budgets may be limited, we're able to search out used equipment to fit your needs. In turn, if you happen to have surplus used equipment on hand, we can find a buyer for you through our network of industry associates.

Chadam Consultants President, Michael L. Salyer, earned his mill right journeyman's card from Inland Steel Company in 1986. With the uncertainty of the steel industry, Mike hired on at Electronic Liquid Fillers (ELF) as a service technician/installer in 1988. After 4 years he was promoted to Mid East Sales/Service Manager, holding that position for 12 years. During that time he was involved with a variety of filling, capping, and labeling projects, handling everything from small start up companies to large corporations. Mike Salyer feels strongly about customer satisfaction, and emphasizes the philosophy that an initial success, no matter how slight, leads to further successes; achieving win/win results for the client and the company. In line with that philosophy, Mike feels confident sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with his valued customers.